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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Waitangi Day 2013

NZ's national day.

Mish spent it cleaning like a good house frau: a little dusting here, a little mopping there, a bit of pottering all about...

I spent it with brother Greg as he fixed my motorbike's carburettor and front forks. She goes beaut! (After it conked out on the way home and he had to come and do a roadside redo of carby.) All good. I'm going for a blat tomorrow to test the GN250 (a powerful machine).

Mish and I decided about 6pm that there was hours of lovely daylight left and we should get out. So we drove to the west side of the harbour, about half an hour to the end of the road over there, and had a smoked fish picnic with wine and cider and home made pita crisps and blue cheese and fruit. Yummy.

Had a little fish but the wind threw the line back so gave it away and had a paddle and collected some seaweed, rocks, shells and driftwood instead - for garden and art spaces.

Wandered home just before dark, while the penguins were thinking about rafting. They'll be coming ashore now (10pm) over there.  Having a nice cup of black caramel tea and am thinking about a quick game of scrabble at Just words online...

The wind has dropped to a breeze and we suffered no major damage. Fine warm days ahead. Heard on the radio there's a small tsunami (less than a metre) headed our way from the Solomons tonight, they've had a big shake today (8).

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