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Monday, December 12, 2011

Earthworks and planting

More concrete breaking up today. Mischa has been out there all day directing Tonka traffic. We've actually poured some concrete too, in a different place. The back yard is taking shape. Was psyching myself up this morning to go and hire a trailer and ferry several loads of soil to shovel off, when, hooray! Mish tells me she's got a truck coming. Next moment, it's backing up the driveway with 3.5 cubic metres of topsoil for the planter boxes and backfilling of the gabions. Tomorrow, another bloke with a machine will shift that soil into the end product. Fabulous. No shovelling. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

There was also much planting, after the auger dug the holes as per Mischa's spraypainted pink dots on the ground. Lots of native grasses and flax and one bay tree. Go you good things!

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