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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bird life in Newlands

Round here, it's pretty much the British imports: thrush; starling; blackbird; goldfinch; sparrow; chaffinch. Silver-eyes have flown and blown from Australia, they are currently loving the flowering natives in the yard. They call them wax-eyes here which isn't nearly as poetic. For the last few months we've had starlings nesting in a roof corner, but there's no peeping now so the babes have flown.

We can hear tuis this morning which is grand. Tuis are melodic, they have a huge range and they sound like pan flutes. Now and then, one zooms through our yard; we're planting to encourage more visits.

Had fun and games yesterday with a bird in the wall of the house. Much fluttering. It had been there two days and we thought we had a rat scuttling above our heads - wouldn't be the first time, a la Robertson. Heading out to a market yesterday, we were getting in the car when we heard our animal trapped in one of the new drainpipes. Mish hacksawed the bottom and we waited, but nothing appeared so off to the markets we went. Best fruit and veg market we've found, too.

Standing outside by the drainpipe when we got back (with silicone), there was a commotion in the house wall. Mish got more tools and hacked a hole in the wall inside the bedroom. She'll do that. Sure enough, it was open for a few seconds and female blackbird swooped out and rocketed through the open window above it, circled around a bit and settled in a tree. Good deed done. Now we need plaster as well as silicone.

How did it get in the wall? No idea. Was it checking out the new gutter and slipped? Do birds slip?

Sunday morning and we're off to yum cha!

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