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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday morning

We're in a cold snap. Southerly gusting, straight off Antartica and in through the gaps in our windows. Ten degrees last night and the wind chill making it feel like seven - a week to Christmas and summer holidays!

We are dog minding for a few days with a 7 month old Huntaway. They are a working dog, bred in the NZ town of Hunterville years ago. Dad had a Huntaway when he was a boy - he had a milking job before school and as fast as he'd milk the cows and send them out into the yard, Rob would gather them up and bring them back in. This one is very placid: very well trained by the New Zealand SPCA and well behaved, not at all like another dog...

Mish is restoring a 1960s liquor cabinet in the living room, the kitchen splashback is in, all of the book boxes are unpacked (marathon effort there), the last blind has been hung, a few more shelves have been banged into studs - a certain order is appearing. The cook has the gas fueled, stainless steel kitchen she's always wanted; I have the sound system I've been desiring, forevah.
Time to celebrate and buy some new CDs, wow. We've both had pretty daggy sound systems over the years, so it's great to get a co-ordinated and gutsy audio that can thump it out as well as pick up teensy sounds and details. And not a wire in sight. The tv is on the wall above the old fireplace, the amp etc. is in the fireplace, and there are four baby speakers in the living room corners, set precisely out from the corner at the best distance for speaker and room size. Heaven. There has been dancing.

And movies are cool.
In a movie we were watching last week, there was a knock on a door. It sounded like it came from our kitchen, and as we turned our heads to look over there - so did the characters in the movie . Wo.
I love sensurround.

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