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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mish's first shake

And it was a good one! 5.7 and about 60km down - a decent rattle all over Wellington and  Marlborough. But it only went on for a few seconds. NOW she realises why I keep telling her 'just push your precious breakable things back from the edge of the shelf, dear'.

That quake has made us think about the emergency kit again. The one where I had carefully packed the meths camping burner, without the meths. Our house is still in unpack/renovation mode, so we have stuff everywhere, and still more to come from storage. The emergency bag is currently on the bottom of a pile in the guest bedroom, fat lot of good it would be there. By Christmas, which is coming up faster than a sleigh on wet ice, we are going to have reno complete and everything out of storage and at the house, so everything will have a place.

It will be good to have a tv and decent sound system again. It's been weeks of crackly radio...

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