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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fogged in - Newlands!

Moved in; all boxes despatched to recycling or storage; and we're connected to phone and internet once more. The house looks more like a home every day. Mish and Jason are still designing, but earth has actually been turned. Lord a'mighty. We had gas brought in from the street and in 2/3 weeks that is being connected to house pipes for gas cooking and heating. We shall then be toasty.
Wellington's weather has been unseasonably warm and calm, so we're doing ok in our unheated uninsulated  house; keeping warm by using the oven and candlelight. Tres atmospheric. Today is very Robertson-we are surrounded in misty fog and it is rolling over us and out to sea. Mish is making hearty winter soup and Ray Charles is warbling.

Here's the bad news. Our Lola is succumbing to cancer. The op she had before we left, to remove cancer from the lung area, gave her some time. She has good and bad days, just like people, and we still do short walks, but her breathing is really compromised and we lift her in and out of the car. Despite the chemo we've done here the cancer is aggressive and is dissolving her ribs, so we can do little else except keep her warm and comfy with pain killers, and watch her fade away. 
Lots of treats and lots of pats. Lola too.

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