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Thursday, June 9, 2011


We euthanised our wonderful dog on June 7. The cancer had a grip on her lungs and she was having a lot of trouble breathing; she couldn't lie down. After 36 hours propping her up to get some air, we went outside for a wee walk and Lola found a sheltered spot under a bush, dug a hole, lay down and looked at us. We sat with her for about an hour, in the rain, then she stood up again. But we got the message.
Back we went to the vet, where they've tried everything over the last five months. It was just too aggressive.
Our game little dog even tried to jump in the car.
We sat on the floor with her as she went to sleep, and wept and said goodbye and thanked her for ten years of being our dog.
And away she went, maybe, we hope, to stick heaven.
Leaving us with lots of great memories, and a couple of broken hearts.
So long, puppy.


  1. Sending you a stick in dog heaven. Vale Lola. Judy xxoo

  2. Thinking of you.. hugs... talk soon.
    Coincidence...Mika could have almost joined Lola... she was very ill on the 7th..and unless a spinal operation was done she would not have been with us.
    Her op was on the 8th... and she is recovering.
    MUST talk soon.
    Txt when it is ok time, love xxxxxdave&luus

  3. Hi Girls, that is VERY sad news about dear Lola, Kelvin and I will tell Miss Molly tonight and I know she will be upset too. Doggies are our best friends, Lola was a beautiful girl. It was great to have known her.

    Our thoughts are with you both and her in Doggy heaven,

    Love Michael & Kelvin