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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Moving Day is upon us again

Man, did that come around soon. Seems like a moment ago we were wrapping plates in Robertson and hefting book boxes across that yard. Today is pack-up day so we are all busy stacking up boxes - to Newlands, to storage, to Blenheim. Mish and I have just run out of boxes so we are pretty much done for the evening. Mish took Mark, Ness and moi out to dinner down in Tawa tonight cause we needed a break from packing. Walked over the road to the BP to get ice creams for dessert. Yum.
We picked up our 'new' van today, a Mitsubishi L300 diesel with a nice LWB for playing camper van touring, once we get settled at Newlands. Goes like the clappers and it too is now loaded in the driveway with some precious things. Am looking forward to camping at gorgeous spots: fishing, reading, swimming. We're also looking forward to throwing sticks into rivers for the dog who loves to swim -Lola. But she is struggling these days...
At the 11th hour we are having trouble with our phone/internet provider at the new house. We will be off air again for a bit from tomorrow. Not sure how long the provider will fiddle faddle around, but the project manager is on it. Mobiles still working well so we aren't incommunicado.
Moving guys arriving at 8.30.
Still warmish and not raining so all should go swimmingly tomorrow.
Be back blogging as soon as we can.

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