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Sunday, February 20, 2011

We've been here one month

To celebrate, we had a firewood day at Cliff (Carol's bro) and Annie's place on the blueberry farm where they live, a big ole family lunch after chainsawing, splitting and stacking, just like laying in for winter in Robertson, only with more people. Blueberry fudge, lots of fun, and then we took mum and dad home and Carol backed into a parked car to finish the day off.

Tomorrow, Lola gets blood tests and xray and some other secret vet stuff to determine chemotherapy options. It is looking like a 13 week course, chemo every second week, and a miserable time for Lols ahead, beginning in a couple of days. She had a good day at the farm, (see car photo), but the horses and emus were glad when we racked off.
Mish encountered her first weta (BIG bug and NZ icon), when it crawled out of a dead log and Cliff stopped chainsawing to rescue it, and she had her first Wellington earthquake but didn't feel it. A 3.9 tiddler, and no one else felt it either.
Days are warm and very pleasant...

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