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Monday, February 14, 2011

Wellington pluses

  • landscape
  • radio stations that play songs you haven't heard for yonks
  • ice cream
  • no stamp duty when you buy a house
  • tuis
  • no snakes, and no spiders that'll kill ya either
  • being caught in peak hour traffic and still getting to an appointment 50 minutes early
  • lovely clean crisp air
  • parking right outside where you want to go
  • city waterfront
  • stars
  • seeing treed hills from traffic lights in the CBD
  • "That's a real train?! You're kidding me; that's got to be a toy train." (Mish)


    1. Onya girls! Make sure the guest room is biiiig. Judy

    2. Hi guys! Looks like things are going swimmingly. We have arrived in Qld where Ruth will be able to put her new goretex to good use. Yep, it's persisting down! Might have to book NZ flights to escape the northern rain! Take care of yourselves.
      Us! xx