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Monday, February 21, 2011

2 degrees of separation

There's a phone company in NZ called 2 degrees - the theory is that NZ is so small, 2 degrees of separation is more the norm than Hollywood's 6 degrees. We can vouch for that.

Example one:
We looked at a house in Titahi Bay, 30 minutes north of Wgtn. Cute house, too little though, with a cool northern sea view over the bay - a sunken volcano. That geology is going way back, of course. So we didn't buy it, but we did look at it twice and we did meet the owner.
A week later, standing in our Newlands house, we were talking to our agent about properties we'd seen on the search for a new house. Turns out the owner of our house is the mother of the owner of the Titahi Bay house. The agent handles both properties. Oh, how we laughed.

Example two:
Had a haircut last week and the hairdresser told me she grew up on Ruskin Road (our new address), AND that her mother knows my littlest sister, Arlene.

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