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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Daylight saving is back

And it's been weeks since the last post - gosh, what's been happening?

We had a fast and enjoyable week in Oz: Kangaroo Valley, Southern Highlands and Castle Hill, and we came back to scaffolding around the house. Then the roofers turned up and now we have a shiny new grey roof. Mish has been wanting one of those since we got here, six years ago.

It was really nice to have a week off and see some old pals.

Now we are pottering around the place, planting, weeding, constructing etc. We've kept some sheets of roofing to reconstruct the compost area and build planter boxes. And we kept the chimney that came down as chunks of concrete. One project for those chunks is to support an outdoor fire. Here's the experimental first version, using the Sky satellite dish that also came off the roof. That worked ok.

But version #2 will work better. I scored an old honey drum off a guy at work and Mish is cutting it in half: one length for the fire and one for a planter box. The girl does love her power tools.

She then cut one of the halves across its width, to slide the two bits together and make a smaller container. Then she riveted them and voila, firepit.

We used plates I saved years ago from dad's old barbecue and they sit perfectly inside, so we can cook on it too. I dug  a bit of lawn out and put in chimney bits to sit the drum on. We'll run some pavers around the chunks of concrete and build a bit of seating on two sides of the firepit, so she will look prettier and be comfy. So, a bit of fun on cool starry nights, watching the ISS go over and scooping out a hot buttery baked potato, mmmm.