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Monday, August 28, 2017

Almost spring

Days are longer and it's definitely warming up; we are approaching 20 degrees slooooowwwly. This a big deal for Mish and I as we got gypped last summer (there wasn't one) and the summer before that was cancelled by mum's illness. So we are hanging out for summer days 2017.

Just had a lovely weekend and pottered in the garden and took a couple of walks out and about town.

Wellington's Karori Cemetery is big and old, like Rookwood in Sydney. Rambling and overgrown and pretty hilly. Soldiers section, religious sections, crypts and so on. There was a bit of scrambling and reading of broken and busted inscriptions.

Some were simply...gone.

Sunday we strolled the botanical gardens where there is much winter flowering and spring leaf bud. Glorious rhododendrons in fire engine reds and white magnolia and tulips on the way.

It's a cool garden, sitting above the city with great views across the harbour and the CBD. And finally the dinky kiosk at the top of the cable car has gone and we have a nice big swish cafe with views (and delicious brown rice balls with tahini mmmm - don't get distracted Carol). So we got some nosh and sat on a quiet bit of grass and had an impromtu picnic.

Mish with a sun warmed Henry Moore.

Who doesn't love a meadow?


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