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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Still no summer...

...and autumn is nearly upon us.
Oh well.

Doesn't stop us going to the beach! And the water was reasonably warm too. This was Waitangi Day, our national public holiday commemorating the day the Waitangi Treaty was signed between the Brits and Maori February 6, 1840. And then the Brits broke it straight away, and we didn't get back to it until the 1980s.

Mish at driftwood beach, Te Horo.

Black backed gull at Te Horo.

We collected a bit of arty driftwood for projects, had a pleasant walk on a fairly deserted beach, then fish and chips at Waikanae Beach, and moseyed home in the afternoon.


  1. Nice way to spend Waitangi Day. Jude

  2. Darling Carol...wishing you a very happy birthday for tomorrow!! Wish you were closer...I miss you guys so much!! Lots of Love Merran xxx

  3. Oh good grief...that's what happens when you don't never know which day it is! Happy Birthday for today darling Carol....hope you have a lovely day and a wonderful year ahead...lots of love Merran xxx