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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Christmas New Year and into 2017

We were in Sydney for Christmas / New Year, staying at the resort (aka the Reid family home).  Marina and Olaf came from Germany and we had lots of food and presents and twitching. Took a few forays out into the heat: up the northern beaches one day and into the city on another.

Mona Vale sea pool - fabulous. Waves breaking into the pool - about 21 degrees in the water and a lovely warm day, not blazingly hot. Even the Reid sisters went in. Sort of.

Walked from Janey's place down to Kirribilli and Mish and her dad met us at the Royal Yacht Squadron for lunch. Mmmm, always good, sitting outside and right on the harbour. John drove home after lunch and the rest of us walked across the bridge, around Circular Quay, past the Opera House and into the botanic gardens.

Luna Park, the  bridge, Opera House and city

Yacht sailing under Sydney Harbour Bridge
On Ewan's seat in the gardens.

Walked into the city and caught a train back to Janey's place. Good day!

Another day we drove up to the central coast and had lunch (a feast) with Tom.

Putty Beach from Tom and Kate's place

Did a bit of shopping in Castle Towers - calm inside, crazy in the car park - and a lot of reading and swimming in the Reid pool. Mish and Marina had their own Abbotsleigh reunion at the resort.

So we saw a few friends and that is always good. We're too far away to drop in for arvo tea, but you are all never far from our thoughts. And, PS to that, it's always good to get visits!

So, back at work. Summer hasn't kicked in here - today we're having gale force winds and rain. Gusts at 140 kph. Not that cold but a tad miserable. It's a long weekend too: Wellington Anniversary day (the province). Glad we're not camping at the beach.

But a couple of days ago we had a summery day so took mum out to lunch, up the coast at Paekakariki.


  1. Welcome back! Jude

  2. Darling Mish and Carol..was wondering where you both were!!!! Wish I could have seen you gals when you were in day girls!!! Lots of love Merran xxx

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