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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday evening daylight saving

Sun going down now behind Mt Kaukau, about 7.15. A pleasant evening.

Today started with cold grey skies and sleet, and then cleared to sunny with a light breeze - get out the sunblock!

Bought an ebike on Friday and headed out for a cycle today on part of the long trail beside the Hutt River. Hills - so easy! Will be able to get up the gorge now and then up to our place no worries. ebikes are pretty groovy and speccy now, slick and fast (c. 80km on a charge and c. 60 kph - not that Carol will be doing that haha). Well, maybe when I get the hang of it - it has a speedo hyuk hyuk.

Last seen heading down the gorge to the harbour....and that's when I will appreciate the hydraulic brakes. Going to commute on it. It's about 16 km to work; some by the beach at Petone, some suburban, and some on a main highway, so a bit of a mix. Helmet, lights, fluoro jacket, puncture kit - check.

Daylight saving has arrived - very nice (long warm evenings are coming, beersies on the deck after work), and the weather is warming up just a tad in mid spring.

Our second renovation is still in the planning drawing discussion quoting stage, so nothing to report there.

Mish made me buy her birthday present yesterday in the city (early!), so we made a morning of it and found a newish funky cafe in one of Wellington's lanes, Egmont St. The council is working to turn the CBD's scungier alleys into modern precincts with cafes, shops, art, etc. It's happening and it's great.

Come and have a look.

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