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Monday, October 10, 2016

On yer (e) bike

Carols hit the perfect morning jackpot today. Still and clear with golden light and warbling blackbirds.
A great start for her first ebike ride to work.
She's a burnt orange beauty with an impressive array of gizmos. So's Carol (but I'd say more a distinguished salt and pepper grey).

It's quite a performance getting it out of the van and no - it can't  stay in the lounge room.

Note to self - put on pack after you've wrestled it down and out of the van.

The plank really helps though. Will soon be a slick operation.
 All set

 Down the hill and rounding the first bend. She'll really appreciate those hydraulic brakes as she whizzes down the gorge (not to mention the motor coming up up up  all the way home).

Oh, and can you see the two ships passing? I didn't notice them until after I took the shot. One's a cruise ship entering the harbour (mostly obscured by a tree fern). The other's a container vessel. A better shot below.

Just heard she's made it in 50 mins - 20 mins faster than using her old geared bike.
There's no going back to that now.

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