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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Move or extend?

It's an ongoing discussion.

We need more space. So, we've been thinking move, but to cut a long property story short: Wellington prices have risen a lot, there are very few houses for sale across the region, and hundreds of people looking at each one. So we would sell in five minutes for a good price, but then might find ourselves living in the van.

Extension it is.

Jase came over for a few days and Mish was in her element talking design and property all day and into the night. Much drawing and discussion, with wine.

And then there was modelling with props. If we came out here, and this was a wall, how would that alter the view? Too much - that idea has been dispatched. We're fond of our view.

And then there was stake hammering and string lines  and checking the sight lines from standing on a ladder, here, and there - all trip hazards for Carol. But very useful for us visual people to get a better idea of what will actually happen in the yard, and what an extension will be like to be in.

And fun  for designers. Look out, fish.

Meanwhile, six kms away, Takapu Stream at the bottom of mum's street was lovely for a drizzly walk. Eels in there. We had a Christmas Day picnic here about four years ago - had the park to ourselves and it was a lovely day. My almost blind dad won the game of boules, cause he always was a tin bum.


  1. So pleased you are extending rather than moving!!! Jude