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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Friday in town

Mish and I had a city fun day on Friday. We had a free day's parking in  a CBD building (cause we got gypped last week when we parked for the movies), so made the most of it and spent hours wandering the city.

Mish made me look at a dining table first (yes, very nice dear, c'mon). Strolled down trendy Cuba to the fabulous Unity Books on Willis St. And on to our new David Jones store. The first DJs in NZ, aiming to be the most beautiful store in the world (they've already won it for their Melbourne store). it is pretty nice, and we even bought something.

Had a snack on Lambton Quay at the Whitcoulls bookshop, wandered in and out of interesting shops, and back up Cuba to margarita time!

Outside the bar, a film crew had a drone hovering over the street. They were filming an interview on the sidewalk, while the seagulls screamed back and forth harassing it. Not happy, drone.

Had some yummy Vietnamese for dinner, and headed home. Great day!

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