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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Yes it has been AGES

Things going on.

But getting better all over.

We had pumpkin pie last week to celebrate better times (and pumpkin being delicious and in season and cheap).  Mish made the base and mum made the pumpkin custard and I bought the hokey pokey ice cream mmm mmm.

Mish and I haven't been out and about much lately, but a waterfront walk last week was really lovely.
Here's a little black shag, resting on Oriental Bay.

And today Mish met me after work at Petone Beach, and we picked up three bags of plastic crap for World Oceans Day yesterday. Tweeted about that with a pic of a festy real estate balloon, now safely disposed of and not floating around in the ocean looking like it is food.

And now it is Thursday night, end of the working week - yay! 

We have a  Turkish smorgasbord lined up in the kitchen, it's dark outside and raining, but not cold. And I'm off to get dinner...