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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Shortest day June 21 2016

And tomorrow will be 30 seconds longer. Yippee!

One thing we really enjoy from our west facing windows is seeing the sun track the whole north-south distance from longest to shortest day. That is pretty cool.

We are having a warm winter; no frost, breezes only. But it will still be good to head back into summer. Most trees still look like autumn.

Just had a good shake. Only 4.4, but it was a good sharp jolt, then a rumble.

Mish has been making planter boxes from reclaimed chunky timber. They are now in place with succulents in an arty rocky bed. Here she is with her toys. Much measuring of course.

And (one) of finished planter boxes using recycled timber - I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

And have you ever seen brussell sprouts growing?
Me neither. This is a plant in Moore Wilsons grocery store. They grow off the trunk; loads of them.

Also had a play last week with book titles for a NZ library challenge - doing haiku using book titles. What fun!