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Friday, April 15, 2016

Day off Friday!

Owhiro Bay, Wellington.

Looking at the track that goes to Red Rocks, bottom of the North Island, where the New Zealand fur seals lay around over winter.

In the van with a flask of tea and sandwiches, taking sustenance and watching the sea before a walk.

Didn't go that far today, just pottered at the water's edge and took some macros.

We'd just dropped off a load of green waste (Mish has been slicing chunks off the privet hedge again).

She noticed we had a passenger; labelled on the left window. Took it for a drive, and home again to a favourite tree.


  1. Hope the stick insect likes its new home. I've noticed your blog background colour has changed and is now white. Jude

  2. Fiddling with it. Danged if I can see how to get a photo across the whole top. Investigating Word Press blogs...