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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Well into 2016

And a few family issues to deal's hoping things improve on both sides of the Tasman.

In the meantime, a gallery of what's been happening.

Mish went up the ladder and dealt to the privet before Christmas- yay! Down with privet flowers!

On yet another pre dawn trip to the airport, this is what it feels like. (Felt much better after a walk on Lyall Bay, watching Mish fly over as I had the beach to myself Sunday morning.)

Drove around the bays after that and shot Island Bay at sunrise.

Sue has made a few trips up from Blenheim. We've made lots of plum jam (Mish and I made our annual trip to the Waiarapa and the plum orchard mmm mmm.) Also peach chutney, oh yeah.
Here with frittata triumph.

And this evening, one of the ferries heading to Picton. Very warm here, all windows and doors open to catch a breeze.

Just gone 10.30 and its still 25 inside. Phew. Have closed the doors, moths too big.


  1. Love the ferry shot babe, vherrrry artisticxx

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  3. I got a Nikon camera; I love to take a photograph...