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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Waitangi Day weekend

Summery and blustery - yes, you can have both. Two sheets on the line. Now, if it was three sheets to the wind...that's an old expression meaning intoxicated haha.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen at lunchtime today: Arlene, Lizzy and Rusty checking out contents of the fridge.

Discovered later that Alex had been playing with our fridge magnets. Shakespeare is spreadeagled upside down again and ice cream arrow is off the scale. It has been hot.

Right now am watching Top Gun. I think I saw this years ago. What a load of sexist blokey hokey it is. Stopped watching a while back,  it's just on while I do other things - like this. Now it's an (unintentional)  comedy. Maybe it'll be  useful one trivial pursuit night.