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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mish goes for a glide

Saturday morning we headed up to Paraparaumu, about 45 minutes north of here, and Mish had  her first lesson in a glider (there may be more).

Getting briefing on the runway.

That's the cute little ex crop duster single prop tow plane in front, getting us to about 3700 feet (that was the highest we could be because it was the base of the clouds)

The ultimate selfie from the cockpit. Ross, my instructor is right behind me.

Great view eh! (I had to have a bolster cushion behind my back 'cause my legs were too short to reach the foot peddles that work the rudders on the tail of the glider).

What a buzz! I loved being up there! As you can see the cockpit instrumentation is minimal and there's lots of clear perspex all around you, so you get to see around you much more than you do in a small aircraft. Go the glider!
What a FANTASTIC birthday present!

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