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Monday, October 26, 2015

Labour Day long weekend

And what great weather we've had the last three days.
Had our first gardening moment since before winter - planting, weeding - standard gardening stuff. Cause it rained - yay - last week.

Mish in the lavender.

Laying down cardboard over the weeded bits. Finding hidden plants. Got some peas, spinach, cucumber in, and now standing back for great results. Gin and tonics in the late afternoon sun (first of the season).

Today we went up to Wright's Hill, a WW2 maze of tunnels on a hill above the city. Wandered around there for a bit. The complex had massive guns trained on the bottom of the island waiting for the Japanese to appear over the horizon. They were scrapped around 1960 and the metal sold to...Japan.

Had a go with a Lee Enfield and a bit of WW2 blank ammo. Second time I've shot a gun - first time was when I was about 14 and dad took me to his rifle range and I shot someone else's target and he had to shout beers in the clubrooms afterwards.

Lunch spot, the city on the right and looking across the harbour to the Hutt valley. 
Our place is upper left.

Mish making steak and onions for dinner, mmm  mmm.

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