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Sunday, May 17, 2015

A most pleasant Sunday

A slow start with leisurely cups of tea and pottering around the house. Always good.

Diana (my oldest pal) and Robynne came for brunch and we had a lovely relaxing few hours with Mischa's omelettes and roasted tomatoes on toast. Here's our 'new' dining chairs too - c.1960 David Jones chairs - bought online from the granddaughter of the couple who brought them over years ago.

When we realised we eyeballed Diana's daughter's house directly across the Johnsonville valley, we got the telescope and phoned her up. 

Robynne talking to her while Diana experiments with phone photography through the lens of the scope.

Mish looking arty in the kitchen, poised mid avocado scooping.

Greg and Rowan popped in to pick up the van; then we shot over to the Hewitt's so Mish could talk kitchen design drawings . Picked up  a motza of feijoas yum yum.

Late evening we went into the city to check out the refurbished cenotaph, which is now artistically connected to the Beehive precinct. Walked around a part of the city we don't usually walk around - the central rail station, cenotaph, and the courts - and had a close look at some of the street art around here. Quiet and calm in the city on this cool Sunday night

Mish with a Buzzy Bee looking at the Beehive. Sorry about the headlights in the sky.

The old wooden government building reflected in a pool in front of the supreme court.

An oversize Katherine Mansfield, our short story heroine of the early twentieth century, lit up from within so the laser cut titles of her stories glow.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful Sunday full of leisurely activity. Jude