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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Coming up to Anzac Day

Went into the city last night to have a stroll through our national new war memorial park, Pukeahu.

It's built in front of the carillon (first pic below) and magnificently updates our old war memorial. It opened on Saturday and there's a light show on during the 100 year Gallipoli commemorations. It was a calm lovely evening and lots of people were wandering around, quietly checking it out.

This is the Australian component, sandstone pillars with gum trees planted within - this is what we saw fly over Newlands when it arrived from the outback a couple of months ago. PMs Abbot and Key dedicated it this morning.

Beside the carillon is the old national museum (replaced by Te Papa); that had a light show too, running in a loop.

It's a cool space, nicely landscaped and arty and green and spacious. Not quite finished. I'll be back for the dawn service on Saturday (Anzac Day) with Ness and Mark and a hankie.
Today was Mischa's first free Sunday and we had a family yum cha in Petone, then a walk on the beach in warm autumn sun. A very pleasant day and it's now a cool, overcast evening. 

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