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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Greek festival and the Seatoun arts trail and a paddle at Titahi Bay and there goes the weekend

Lots of lovely food at the annual Greek festival on Saturday. Lounged in the sun and listened  to the band. Sampled melt in your mouth calamari (if Mish can load the video she took that's what's going down a treat), pastries, almond biscuits, baklava, thick coffee, souvlaki, salads, etc. Passed by the wine table (it was 10am) and missed the plate smashing. Took some vine leaves and eggplant with us for dinner and waddled out of there about 11 and headed over to Seatoun for another annual Wellington event, the arts trail walk.

Kite surfers having a whale of a time at Seatoun.

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