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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Family Firewood Day 2015

Cliff, Greg, Carol, Ness and Colton loading up the ute for the next trip across the paddock.

There was luggin' splittn' heftin' and tossin' today at our annual firewood day on the blueberry farm.
Fun, aches and pains were had by all as we loaded the venerable lichen-encrusted ute with our macrocarpa booty. We bounced across the horse paddock, grazed it thru the gates, oozled it up the track and coaxed it past the bemused emus and agog city slickers (blueberry farm visitors).

Up at the house we split the rounds and did a decent job filling up a fair bit of the woodshed, ready for winter.

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  1. Dear big sis, that's actually moi, not Annie...