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Monday, December 1, 2014

Summer update

Pauatahanui Inlet last week, went for a walk here past arty boathouses. There's a great cycle track around the western side that goes through a wetland reserve and takes you to a trendy cafe. Will bring Mish back with the bikes - soon.

Yes, summer. Cause it is December 1, first day of summer in the old calendar BGW (before global warming). We've had a pretty damn chilly southerly today and a spattering of hail just arrived from the south.

But the weekend was very nice. Mish flew back from Sydney Saturday night. She had Sunday off so we had a slow start and went into the jumping Chaffers Dock outdoor markets for brunch, followed by a circuit of the newish Chaffers Dock apartments. This is the sea end of the block (the whole design mimics a ship); we were standing on the purpose built fishing landing at the end. Inspired!

Walked along Oriental Parade (watching two gals swimming across the harbour, into the breaking swell, crawling out to collapse on each swimming platform that the council puts out for just that purpose). Then we drove around the south coast and had a walk along the bottom of the island to Houghton Bay, where the surf was thumping in as it usually does. Watched a learner who just couldn't catch one of those 8 footers, and another learner who could, but who then immediately fell off in the white water. Entertaining.

Did a bit of rock scrambling and climbing around the coast and got to a private mini beach where the surf slammed into a breakwater. Lounged there for a bit and that sun was hot hot. Phew. Mish took this shot of a surf monster coming over the wall.

Snaffled some beach pebbles for landscaping and came home to a bit of afternoon weeding. Which was not as bad as it sounds, quite satisfying really to separate grasses from flax and flowers and help them out. Plus I finally got around to nailing a run of plastic mesh around the underside of the deck to stop killer cats shooting under there when they see me approaching with supersoaker. I only wish I could see the first one try to go under haha!

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