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Monday, November 17, 2014

Spring and the town is purple

Every spring, Wellington's hills have a purple eruption. This is a South African import, pink ragwort (Senecio glastifolius for the gardeners), a perennial and a daisy weed here. Seems to be what we called a coloniser in bush regeneration - it regularly pops up all over on Wellington's rotten rock and rubbish soil, turning the town purple and helping other plants get a grip.

Took this shot a couple of weeks back, walking up to the graffitied battlement on Miramar peninsula.


  1. Hello darling girls...Im back! I hope you got my postcard from Vancouver?? So sorry not to have let you know I was going OS. Had a really interesting time which I will enjoy sharing with you when we are face to face! First week back at work so a bit flat out ...will write more later! Lots and lots of love Merran xxx

  2. Hello traveller! Got the Vancouver postcard, beside me as I type at the kitchen table, with mist a la Robertson rolling by the window. Glad you're back and yes, we were wondering where you were...