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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Day trip up the line

Looking west to the Tararuas from the beach at Te Horo, about 45 minutes' drive north of here. 
Still a bit of snow about up there.

We minded Rusty the Huntaway for a couple of days and took him for a run up to Te Horo beach last Saturday. Lovely day, had the beach to ourselves almost, amongst a brilliant collection of driftwood. It sure is the driftwood beach.

 Spent a couple of lazy hours beachcombing: a mighty knucklebone (size of a fist); small dead shark; ditto a goat; buckets of sand; and all sorts of driftwood shapes and sizes. Some of that we brought home, and some we didn't.

Rusty happy to chase his tennis ball all over, but we lost it when he flushed out a duck and took off way down the beach and then out to sea. He did come back. Eventually.

 So we gave him an ice cream on the way home. And talked about getting another dog, maybe.

Saturday night was fireworks night - held off from wet and windy Guy Fawkes night earlier in the week. Went out on Aaron and Michelle's Tui for a last jolly jaunt across the harbour before they leave our blossoming summer for a northern winter, and saw a fab display.

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