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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bit of a cycle on a sunny day

But first, French toast! With berries and sliced almonds, luscious.

 Then a cycle, along the Hutt River cycle path.

That was quite pleasant, not onerous. A jolly jaunt.
Dropped Mish at the airport this morning for a rocket trip to Sydney. It was just light when I got out to Petone and had a lovely walk on the beach. Saw her plane leave (airport is across the harbour just past the end of the pier) bang on time at 6.45. So, at work by 7, but I did get to leave at 3. Early night for me...


  1. Cycling off the french toast! BTW I checked my NZ bird book and those gulls are huge compared to the Sydney variety. Jude

  2. Our gulls are ginormous. Very meaty. I have a theory that the colder the climate, the bigger the gulls. We do have normal sized gulls too. And albatross!