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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mid winter weekend

Took a drive out past Wainuiomata and out to the coast (that's the other side of the harbour). About an hour from here but we'd never been. A nice remote coastline, bottom of the island, just us and a few fisher folk and some seals. Nice.

Looking south across Cook Strait - we're having a  balmy winter and this looks positively tropical, eh?

A couple of seals having a rest.

And Mish, wrapped in 7 layers despite the warmth.
This is looking back at Wellington city.


  1. I'm with Mish, don't believe you about it being balmy! Jude

  2. Balmy as!
    Today - not so much. Single figures and it's snowing somewhere cause you can feel it in the air. But, aha, we hear Sydney has been a trifle cool too.