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Sunday, July 27, 2014

A weekend waiata and two girls with sore throats

That's us, holding off colds in the sore throat position, and doing ok so far. Mish has been croaky for day and me, yesterday. Such good timing (not) as it was concert day for the Maori singing group at work I'm in - the waiata. We had a gig on the waterfront as part of a free concert by government agencies, four songs in Maori with actions. Anyway - we were fabulous!

Had a drink with work mates in the city and actually saw the Len Lye water pole working. A most graceful work with dancing water jets. If I could load the video of it, I would. But this !&%#!@!! laptop, or Google, isn't letting me do that. So you get the inert version:

The pole is winding up to throw water out in all sorts of twists and turns. It's really lovely when it gets going.Will persevere with the video, it's got movement!

The other highlight of the weekend was the van got a wash. Second time in three years, and it has a nice shiny look now. Should do that more often, eh?

Two sore throats off to bed...

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