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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday evening picnic by the sea

When Mish went off to work this morning I settled in to finish novel, then the paper, and misc. tasks (turning of compost, refilling of bird bath, admiring green beans on the vine - that kind of thing).

Mish is talking to her folks just now - 9.30 here - and learning it was 41 degrees there today, ugh. I've been comfortable in jeans all day, pottering around inside and out. It would have been early 20s here today, very civilised.

Took an evening picnic over to the coast, just around from the airport at the harbour heads. Big swell, with waves crashing on the rocks; remnant of a storm at sea coming up from the south. Watched a ferry go out and was so glad we weren't on it.

There she goes - that red smudge the ferry- diving in and out of Cook Strait in a rolling sea.


Looking towards the harbour entrance.
Playing with the fish eye on the point and shoot.

And yet another selfie.
Looking west into the sunset from our picnic spot on a rock.

A nice, calm evening now. Johnsonville's yellow lights twinkling below us and Mish yawning...

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