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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Christening the new jam pot with a batch of plum jam

We've just been for a jolly Sunday jaunt over the hill (the Rimutaka mountain range) to check out Masterton. It was dead quiet there so we bought some takeaway and headed to Queens Park. It's a wonderful place - really really big conifers and other exotic trees of all types, ducks, a lake
 (where we hired a kayak and paddled around, seeing a couple of hefty eels) and all topped off with a long doze under a tree.
View from snooze spot, straight up into Masterton sky

Mish doing all the work

Dropped into our favourite orchard on the way home and bought 10kg of Billington plums. So now Carol is doing her favourite thing - making plum jam. Ah, summer!


  1. Is the plum jam exportable to Oz? 10kg of plums should make a lot of jam - yum. Jude

  2. Hope the jam jars were safe and sound during today's quake. Jude

  3. Non exportable; shame, they take it off you if it's not commercially made. Made about 7 jars of various sizes and is extremely yummy. Nothing fell off shelves at our place!