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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday morning...blowy and warm. Spent all yesterday inside writing so am keen to get out today and do something beyond four walls. We're off to look at a couple of houses today - just browsing - one up the line a bit and one across the harbour. Both are high with views, but perched on poles like our place in Denistone (do we want to do that again?). The one across the harbour is in Eastbourne and it has cable car access only. There's about 200 houses in Wellington with their own cable car.

Friday night we've fallen into a routine - I walk to Mischa's work, browse the Bunnings store and buy stuff, then we stop in at Petone on the way home and have dinner. We're working our way through the Petone collection of eats. This Friday - Uncle Mike's Texan BBQ! Well, Mike prides himself on smoking everything daily - meats, fish etc - and he makes the best smoky baked beans IN THE WORLD. If you like bb (and I do), you know how 'smoky' can be loosely interpreted. Mostly, there's a hint of smoke that might have passed over a bean sometime in the past. But, Mike's beans have been in a fire - they are like eating smoke - the smokiest black and white baked beans I've ever had. Ever. Yum. Going back, who's coming ? Merryn?

Indulged in a margarita at Mike's - and didn't have to be taken home straight afterwards - so we went to see The butler at the flicks that night too. Social history, well done.

Mish has arisen! Time for tea and toast and out we go.

Last Sunday - brother Greg came around with chainsaw and he and Mish worked on the evolving sculpture that will double as a clothesline holder. Mish is checking the head of the fish and Greg is doing his dorky photo pose - as if we didn't have a million of those shots. One day the sculpture will actually be done (probably) and I'll get my clothesline back.

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