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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Not buying the cable car house...

...someone else did. Here's the cable car access:

Oh yeah. A dinky plywood cabin on a single rail and a single wire, hmmm. Interesting house, brilliant view, lousy access. The other one was no go; neighbours would watch your tv, and everything else happening in the living room. Agent knew zip about the property - honestly, real estate agents are useless. Money for jam. And they can't spell.
So, perhaps a jolly jaunt up the line tomorrow to have a look at a house a woman at work told me about. Not yet on the market. But first, gutter cleaning in the morning.
Carol at work, multitasking.
Friday morning we travel together and have a coffee at the work café before Mish goes another 3km to work. Last Friday I was on community garden watering duty so we had our coffees by the brassicas instead. The garden is run by a small group at the Polytechnic and the harvest goes to a local food bank. This was Christmas party day, so by the time I did this job, talked to one of the tutors about architectural drawing and en dashes for an hour, checked my emails and had another coffee, it was time to practise the waitata (singing), then we all downed tools for a long lunch and dancing to the staff band in the cafe. And that was it for the day. Woohoo!

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