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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Down on the waterfront

Wandering Wellington wharves on a sunny afternoon. Dropped into one of the new beer bars in town - those boutique bars are all over the place now. This one had quirky old lightshades as décor in the main bar. Sat outside in the sun, quaffed a beer and watched a guy ride his Harley slowly through the crowd to park on the grass outside another bar, as you do.
Lots of people around, skateboarding, playing touch footy, walking, eating, café cruising...

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  1. Good morning Girls...I loved the photo of Mish under the tree...what a gorgeous tree! Hope you are both well ...we have had a couple of horrible weekends with thick acrid smoke surrounding the Southern Highlands...much worse of course for the poor things actually stuck in the fire! makes you think twice about life in the country...or the bush rather, hopefully this weekend we will be able to go outside and soak up some of that Spring sunshine. That is one quirky type of ceiling lights! I love it!! You must be so glad to have all that plaster off Carol! Whats Mishy up to? Are you coming to Australia at Christmas time?? Miss you both xxx Merran