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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Spring has sprung


We've had a busy weekend, here's a summary: down to Petone, Carol got a haircut and I got a preloved frock and boots then we drove around the bay to Eastbourne and had a potter around the gravelly sea shore. Collected rocks and shells (using rocks to weigh down plants seems to work really well on this windy hill). Had some lunch in a cafe by a park looking out to sea. We bought some warehou (a large firm fleshed fish) fresh from a trawler in the bay (the lovely man filleted it for us too) - more about this later.

Had a quiet night in with leftovers and watched Shrek 2.


Started with me colouring Carol's hair a dark brown colour (cause she canna) and Carol only got 1 splodge on the wall by the front door (won't go there..). Headed out to brunch with friends, visited our local fruit and veg market with our trusty little dinky trolley (mish as donkey for carol). Then headed out to with Carol's mum to see a FANASTIC exhibition at Pataka of 24hour time lapse videos in beautiful remote NZ locales by Joseph Michael.

Here's a taster of the exhibition (keep watching past the first 10 seconds to see the time lapse images)

Came home, set up our little smoker and I smoked the fish we bought yesterday - it was sooo succulent. I'd prepared it by a dry cure method - rubbing brown sugar and sea salt into the fillets, then placing in an open container, overnight, in the fridge. The salt/fridge combination draws out the moisture from the fish which helps the smoke penetrate more.  Rinse off,  pat dry before smoking it for about 25 minutes. It worked really well. Night is upon us - no more shakes recently.

Only 1 week more as a slave for Carol - then it's off with those loathsome casts. She's over it.

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