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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Great scott it's been a month

How time flies.
Mish is travelling the North Island with her folks, so she'll blog that when she gets back no doubt.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...have started looking around for work so have been having fun and games with education and driver licencing boffins. May do some casual teaching, so I have to renew the teacher registration I paid lots of money for about 10 years ago. But is it a simple renewal? Of course not. There has to be documentation, an abundance of; there must be testimonials by approved people and proofs of all sorts of things and photocopies and blood. And money too, of course, everyone wants a bit of that. There has to be a police check from the Australian Federal Police, and of course a Carol cheque to get that. I do believe I am almost there. But if I have to talk to Ms Snooty at the Teacher Registration Board once more - well, there may be bad words. I cannot abide snooty.
Then I'll have to brush up on the NZ educational system. Here's something NSW teachers will find interesting. I wrote a little study guide for a Wellington tutoring company and found out that, nationwide, there are no common texts for study at senior level English. Each school chooses their own novels etc - actually, each class in a school may do different texts. There's a national exam, but, wo, imagine the marking nightmare.

Also decided to get a NZ driving licence as I might do some pro driving again - probably not buses though. I wanted a duplicate of my NSW licence, a heavy traffic + motorbike licence. Oh, the paperwork. See above. But, then, when I got it all together and took my shoebox of docs down to the 'agent' (cause there's no central licencing authority in NZ haha), I had some good news. Only days before, the rules had changed and I didn't have to sit the theory test - yay! There are some very detailed questions in the NZ heavy traffic rode code, so thank gawd for that. Have to get myself a medical though, so will do that next week and get a sexy new NZ licence.

Finally, the Lola saga. We've stopped the chemo mid treatment. Poor dog, she's suddenly got a major arthritic problem, right on the lung op site, and she refuses to go down stairs. There is much lying down, and worried looks, so not the Lols we are used to. Painkillers are working, and chemo is now out of the system, so things may look up.

And now, off to cook dinner, one of my faves: cabbage, apple, bacon stirfry. Yum


  1. Hi Carol and Michelle! It's Claire here, of the Jane's daughter and Michelle's niece variety. Nice to hear about your travels :) Carol - I would love this apple, bacon and cabbage stir fry recipe. It sounds intriguing and delicious, and bacon as we all know is the best meat of them all. If you have a moment and can be bothered that is.