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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back from Oz, packing for USA

Aah, you just can't keep a couple of globetrotters in a tidy little house on a windy hill overlooking a small city at the bottom of the world. Really.

We just had a week (or so) in Sydney - with apologies to all our mates we didn't see. Next time! It will rock around soon. Mish loved spending time with her folks and I did some paying work (always good). So we're back in Wellington, where it's warmer and less windy, ahem, with a fair bit of work on and things to do afore we head off to California, Nevada and Arizona in two weeks.

There's a small chance the concretor will actually turn up this week and pour a new front entry for us - small chance, we're not having a lot of luck with the trades on that front (teehee, get it?). Mish is hair pulling. She's been talking to a kitchen supplier today about work and came home pretty happy.

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  1. A bit of horse breaking, trail riding for yon travellers in the USA? Jude