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Sunday, June 16, 2013

It's a grey old weekend...

...but we did get in a walk at Zealandia yesterday. Just above the CBD, Zealandia is an old reservoir with two dams, no longer in use as water supply for the city. It's now a fenced sanctuary, and it's having great success with returning the dawn chorus to Wellington. We took out annual membership again and had a walk along paths and around the big dam. Didn't see much, but stood for a while and watched the clever kaka, one of NZ's meaty, noisy parrots, working the levers at a feeding station. And on a quiet trail we watched an orange saddleback hop about and sing and find grubs, while a fantail hovered hopefully.

Took a bunch of photographic gear in a new pack, but had tech issues so only took a couple with the faithful  Olympus point and shoot. Mish took some, so if she ever finishes tiding up our brothel of a study, no doubt she'll bung a couple into the blog.

They're shooting more scenes for The hobbit across the water,  blazing floodlights and a very tall crane; we have a clear view of the town of Dale. Friday night there was smoke and red lights zooming around - found out later they had a generator fire.

Today we're in a world of soft grey, the harbour merging with the sky, quite calm, and we're watching an optimistic regatta of baby yachts on the harbour. A still life regatta.

Saw The great Gatsby last night. Was really looking forward to seeing Baz's interpretation, but, hmmm, I think he's missed this time.

Off to make fudge, a classic wet Sunday activity. Here's the recipe from NZ's iconic Edmond's cookbook:

1/2 cup milk
2 cups sugar
tbl sp cocoa ( I double that)
50g butter

Bung it all in the pot, slowly bring to boil, boil 4 minutes (they're quite precise about that), add a splash of vanilla essence, beat it like crazy to make it smooth and luscious, and pour it into a tray (trying to time it just so = beaten enough to set and still fluid enough to pour).

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  1. Read about the awful storms rampaging around Wellington. Hope you are ok. Jude