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Monday, February 18, 2013

An after work picnic on Cook Strait

A couple of snorklers going in at the marine reserve off Wellington's south coast. We had a picnic there tonight. Picked up Mish from work with chilly bin (esky), rug and picnic goodies and we headed due south to the coast. Sat on rocks and watched the sweeping tide wave seaweed fonds and big kelp to and fro below us. Mesmeric. A couple of ferries went by. Then these two guys walked past us and had a chat, followed by another guy (ditto) who paddled out of on surfboard to catch some waves much further out.

Sorry the snorkler 'falling' in is blurry. Had a really cool and sharp close up of him going in a few minutes before this shot - well it would have been if I hadn't chopped his head off. Poor guy.

Headed around the coast to the city via Oriental Parade and had a walk with an ice cream (the best kind of walk), then meandered home. Now we have an orange sunset (it's usually pink), so it looks like the outback.


  1. I'm jealous, and would love be snorkelling there. Jude

  2. Me too, forgot the wetsuit and so just had to watch...there's a lot to see there too.

  3. Ohhh I want to be there on a picnic with you two...all your downtime adventures sound so lovely...wish I was there :( xx Love Merran

  4. Hey Merran - we're loving these bright warm days - superb. We shall picnic! On the Wingecarribee most like.