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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Misty Sunday with tomatoes

Very Robertson.
Deeply misty, can't see the harbour - can't see much at all. Had a few hours in the city today, shopping. Not something we do a lot, so that was fun. Grey but warm. And of course, what did we get? Another sodding parking ticket! I can't believe how many tickets we get in Wellington; am getting paranoid about parking in the city. Anywhere. Anytime.

Came home and had to pick up where we left a planting operation yesterday: barrow more soil and plant a tree, because it is windy as blazes but neither cold nor raining, so conditions ok for working outside. Hmmm.

It's tomato time, prices down to $2.99 kilo for the vine ripened lovelies we like. Have just taken a tray out of the oven after two hours slow roasting - yum. That's the way we eat 'em these days, superb - really brings out the flavour.
Out at a local party a few weeks back and someone had brought along a big bowl of cherry tomato with mango combo. Yum!
Here 'tis: slice toms in half and mix with mango slices, thinly sliced red onion and some coriander. Awesome.

Now we have Bill Withers on the stereo and Mish is happily making bread, chemoula, and smoked fish cakes in her stainless steel kitchen...


  1. Yes I am a slack tart but as usual have absolutely no reasonable excuse other than I am a slack tart... So slap me... Love reading your collective news. You are such an entertaining linguist. One day I will write a proper email that is more than 4 lines long. Lots to tell.
    Cheers & hugs to you both.
    Xxxx Kelvin & Michael & Miss Molly


  2. Hello! There you are! Ok, you're a slack tart, but we loves ya.Looking forward to that proper email (is there such a thing?). They used to be called letters. hahaha

  3. Hello girls...oh those tomatoes look fab! They are a completely different food group after they've been slow roasted! A parking ticket on a Sunday in quite shocked...I think the deck looks doubt about you two! What are you up to for Christmas?

    Sent Mish an email a week(update re Julian...missing you as always lots of love Merran


  4. Had those tomatoes for tea - OMG, talk about loaded with flavour. It's that good Kiwi sun, the one that ripens without cooking you at 40 degrees. Mish sending you a text as I type this...