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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hobbit première Nov 28

Off we went, with 100 000 others, to the red carpet event yesterday. 500 metres down Courtney Place - Mish was at work, but sister Sue and I and Addy (golden retriever guide dog in training) caught the bus into town and popped out on Courtney Place behind a woman in a wheelchair, over whose head we looked. Until sweet young things began to move in as we got closer to stars' walking time. We had the bright idea to move sleeping Addy into the space in front of woman in wheelchair, and that held it for a while. But we waited for so long, there was a fair bit of movement in and out.

Mish arrived and Hobbit people began to walk past us. Peter Jackson, Elijah Wood, etc etc; the only good photo we got was a Mish shot of the LOTR Bilbo, so he's here on the blog. Neil Finn sang, the Air New Zealand Hobbit jet did a fly past, Andy Serkis ran by doing high fives - then the actors and all and sundry production crew strolled by and autographed and were photographed, and the crowd was very jolly. Addy was a crowd pleaser and he coped very well with the crowd crush, a balloon popping, being jostled, being patted (lots), noise, being in the same place for two and a half hours, then going on to a bar and then a Thai restaurant. But boy did he have a long wee when we left the red carpet and got to the grass and he had his ID coat taken off. Phew.

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  1. How exciting to be at the big premiere! Jude