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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gosh it's hot here

It's been a while since I sat at the blog - the new Blogger still pings me off. we go:

Had a great day yesterday driving the olds around town. Dropped them off for (yet another) medical appointment and then hung out in Newtown for an hour. Newtown is similar to Newtown, Sydney - full of alternative street people, students, cafes, multicultural down at heel types, etc. Our Newtown is more the latter, and it includes the zoo.

Here's a sample. I walked around a corner and passed an old, slow moving African woman, wrapped in dark wool for the cold but with flimsy shawl and sandals. Following her, running, was a fairy: a young woman dressed all in wavy white, with frills and lace and pink hair, and, I'm pretty sure, holding a wand. Great contrast. Had a coffee in Maccas and had a 'conversation' with a woman who was desperate to have me reply to her hellohellohello, and who was sure I was a nurse (Wellington Hospital is across the road). There were big Tongans in lava lavas, lots of African women with plastic bags of shopping, dogs, trendy dudes in fast cars going through, homeless guys, buskers, fruit stalls with trays of all the different types of taro (an acquired taste), funky French cafes, etc. And in the medical practice when I picked up the olds, a stuntwoman on crutches who had done her achilles tendon on The Hobbit set.
A fabulous mix.

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