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Monday, May 7, 2012

We're baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Hi all

reporting from a gorgeous evening in Wellington, city lights coming on and sun setting. That big moon coming up soon, too. Flew in yesterday after nine weeks in Sydney, with visits to the Southern Highlands, Lennox Head, Grassy Head, Surfers Paradise (or, as a student of mine once wrote: Surface Paradise - love that!).

Came in over the top of the South Island yesterday, tres scenic. Over the big sandy arc of Farewell Spit,  the islands of the Marlborough Sounds, Cook Strait; across a flat blue and golden sea, Mt Egmont was a perfect cone, 300km up the west coast of the North Island. Then we turned over little Mana Island, flew over mum and dad's house, seconds later over our place, then the harbour and down. Nice.

Had dinner with Ness, Mark and Greg and we all went for a walk out in the moonlight to a harbour lookout spot. Just us and two dogs, no one else around. Same place as the photo on the right, at the Ataturk memorial.

Our renters have left the house immaculate and Mish will get onto the weeds once she sorts out the Apple shop she's bought. We've put the heaters on today, burned a ginger candle, made toast, opened all the mail, unpacked the jammed spare room and put all our stuff back where it should be; played 'It's raining men' and other Mardi Gras favourites at full volume, and made the house ours again. It didn't actually feel like we needed to expunge the renters. They were the ideal.

The other side of the desk is still going with Apple configuration - much frowning at white bits of plastic.
But I think it's time for some nosh.

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